I've met my old friend a few days ago. She was my friend in SD and SMP but we never in the same class. It was surprising that she still recognized me. It also happened a few month ago when I met my old friend in my office then we went for lunch together. Is it coincidence? Well, actually there is nothing coincidence things in this world. I think everybody knows that Allah arranges everything from small stuffs to the big one. I believe that every time I met someone (who, when, where) is not because I want to meet her or him. However I always think that is an Allah's plan. What is the plan? We never know because we always see everything from our side not His side. I have another experience : (an interesting fact) about social networking site. My friends always ask my account in one of the famous site but I don't have one. They always said that it was such a great thing to have the account because you can meet many old friends there, ones who never meet for years. hahaha ... good reason, but you know what? I still can meet them although I don't have the account. Yup, because Allah arranges everything for us, not that social networking site. To sum up, everything will happen in Allah's time not humans. Iiiiihhhh ngomong apa sih aku? :D Cag ah!


  1. setuju, gak ada yang kebetulan, bahkan ketika setetes embun dari sebuah daun pun..tidak terlewat dari perhatian Allah...

    jadi teringat kata-kata "everything is happened for a reason" there must be something behind..

  2. Happy New Year 2010. May this year be a blessed year for you and family.

  3. Halo Lies...! Lama nih ga posting? Sekalinya muncul, posting pake bhs Inggris nih. Wah wah... jadi kursus ya? Moga2 makin sering postingnya ya!

    Btw, ga ada Kimi lagi yah di F1. hiks...

  4. tp kan ikut social networking sbg "ikhtiar" kita cari tmn lama...


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