Places and Traveling

I love traveling! My friends definitely know it! I always love beach and recently I love an airport. I have no particular reason I love places because sometimes it's hard to explain the reason. (Why did I keep use "love" word? Just to emphasize the word, I think :P)

This month I went to Airport (Adelaide Airport in particular) for several times. Pick up some friends or just got there to flight to other Aussie's states. I like to see many dramas in Airport. I can see people hug each other (or even kiss :P), smile and laugh when they meet or even cry when they have to say goodbye. Yeah, Airport is the place to be either happy or sad!

Mostly, I'll spend my time reading a book during the boarding time. That's my tips, just bring a book, a light "easyreading" novel, so I can sneak out of my book when I'm bored and start playing games with my mind, guessing where will people go? I keep asking a not important question to my "not straight A" brain, "where will they go?" when I saw a family who trip together. Or will they go somewhere for holiday or just to visit other family members? Or if I saw any single traveler (like me), what pop up in my mind is where will he/she go? Is she/he a backpacker, a tourist, a student or just an ordinary unimportant person (like me, again!) :P

The most "not so" important in many "unimportant" questions is "who will sit next to me?" Does she/he will unlucky enough to sit next to me? Or will she/he say something like "hrrgghhh ... why should I sit next to her" (of course mumbling in their heart :P, luckily I don't have to hear that!)

So, if I get on board before someone else in my row, I always pull out my book from my bag and start reading and hoping that the one who will sit next to me is a charming prince hahahaha .... :lol: In contrast, the "imaginary" charming prince will feel so bad that he has to sit next to me.
But let's back to reality, the truth is the charming prince never come, indeed ... what happen next is ...
the person who sit next to me is probably:
- an old man with not so good smell (my journey turns out to disaster during the flight)
- a girl with her friend (it means they are two girls who will have unimportant girl's chat during the flight and probably talk about me in foreign language and start talking why should I sit next to them. While I feel relieve that I don't understand what they are talking about :D)
- a couple (hhrrggghhhh ..... another disaster!)
- the other two strangers passengers ... (feel relieve that we don't know each other)

On top of it, I have a number one unimportant question, sometimes I wanna feel how does it feel to have a sit in a business class? :D Maybe I will "kampring" enough to press all the buttons and don't know what to do until a cabin crew come to save me hahaha .... :lol:

That's it! I love airport, such a perfect stranger for others!
7 dec 2010


  1. hahaha...kayanya sama dengan adikku ga?

  2. ah leuwih alus nulis in english geuning ...ngageleser, mun di bahasa mah kaku...tulisanna teu lincah, keep writin' someday u could b a writer coz it's better job...

  3. salam gan ...
    menghadiahkan Pujian kepada orang di sekitar adalah awal investasi Kebahagiaan Anda...
    Tetaplah semangat memulai hal baru !


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