Asus Transformer TF300 VS new iPad 3

Asus just launch it's new 10 inch tablet, and this is comparison of Asus Transformer TF300 VS new ipad 3. apple launched it's tab first then a month later Asus released this pad. which tablet is better?

Asus Transformer TF300 VS new iPad

First of all what we want to know sure is price and Asus Transformer pad TF300 is winner with $399, while new iPad starts from $560 for the same specs which are 16GB wifi (without 4G network option). Then what about processor, Asus TF300 wins again with Quad core 1.2 GHz (NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 T30L) while Apple new iPad3 processor is Dual core 1 GHz. Let's check out All the specs first below :

Asus Transformer TF300 VS new iPad

Asus Transformer TF300 VS iPad 3

Asus TF300 vs ipad 3

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You see Asus also wins in battery life and camera specs, beside Asus has keyboard docking option so we can transform This tablet to notebook quickly as you see in the picture above. new iPad 3 wins in network option for 4G LTE with AT&T or Sprint (the price for this option start from $710.)

For display technology Asus is equipped with IPS technology while Apple with Retina Display technology, Well for certain situation like when we see the screen with sunlight over it (outside area) IPS technology is better.

Asus user will have great audio experience with sonic master audio technology. user will also provided with supernote application that allow you to make note with photo, video, keyboard and ofcourse fingers.

Asus transformer pad TF300 also preloaded with polaris office for document, spreadsheet and presentation working.

other free services for user who buy Asus TF300 are asus my cloud, my net and my library. with these services users will have total solution for storage, magazine, movie, newspaper, book, maps, digital TV network, easy synchronization with PC and Mac and so on.

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asus transformer vs new ipad
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asus tf300 vs new ipad

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